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    More Mobility in the Future

    Mobility is often required for people in their everyday life, and to the industry to make money. In the past years, bicycles have become a significant factor to ensure mobility and at the same time support a healthy, efficient, and sustainable lifestyle.

    Caused by urbanization, health issues, and demographic transformation, e-bikes have experienced huge popularity amongst a large group of people. 

    It has been shown, that electrification and automation are the future of mobility, which is achieved by e-bikes.

    Comparison With Cars 

    Unlike many industries, the manufacture of e-bikes keeps on growing. Studies show, that every time one car, that drives either fully or half electric, is sold, at least two e-bikes are sold, which is primarily due to the advantages of choosing e-bikes over cars.

    This shows, how means of transportation are changing, which also demands changes to the infrastructure. Ensuring a future for e-bike mobility, there is a need for a more bike-friendly infrastructure in cities, which includes charging stations and safe parking. 

    However, Copenhagen and Amsterdam are cities, that show the way doing this and thus drives the renaissance of cycling.

    The E-bike Market Growth 

    In general, market forecast estimates a growing market, since e-bikes have become more popular as a secondary means of transport when driving to and from work. It has been estimated that e-bikes will surpass traditional bikes on numbers sold yearly in about five to six years, with numbers growing to thirty million e-bikes per year in 2030.

    The reasons for the huge market growth are, among others, the sustainable means of transportation, the health benefits,  and the improved e-bikes caused by huge technological advancement. 

    In addition, due to COVID-19, there has been a boom in the e-bike market, which has been speeding up the market growth.

    Market Trends of E-bikes

    With much development currently happening in the e-bike industry, this article rounds off with the main trend, you can be sure to expect to see in the future. 

    Cargo bikes are definitely worth mentioning, as they are a more popular transport alternative, especially for parents. Moreover, within the next years, four-wheel-covered cargo bikes will be seen more and more on the streets delivering packages from the cargo hubs to densely populated urban areas. 

    As an add-on, in 2018, more e-cargo bikes than e-cars were sold in Germany, which shows that the trend has already begun.