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    What are the different kinds of bike locks?

    In general, there are multiple bike locks on the market today, including cable locks, chain locks, and D-locks. 

    The difference between the several kinds of bike locks are most often the weight, convenience, and secureness of the individual lock. To state an example, scale locks are most often very convenient and easy to carry, however not as secure as chain locks and D-locks. Moreover, there are other kinds of locks available, such as folding locks, smart locks, and ring locks.

    Ring locks are especially popular in Denmark, where smart locks have become more prominent in recent years, in general. Likewise integrated bike locks have become more popular.

    In this article, we will focus on these three kinds of locks: cable locks, chain locks, and D-locks. These are the most prominent in the bike lock world. 

    Which is the best bike lock to get?

    No matter how much we want it, no bike lock is unbreakable

    However, if you want to find the best security lock for bikes you are able to find types of bike locks that are stronger than others. 

    Research shows that D-locks (U-locks) most often are the most preventive when it comes to bike theft. The reason why for this is that this type of lock has a very tough solution. Despite the tough solution, this type of lock is lighter and easier to carry than a chain lock. 

    The best way to lock up a bike, when you want to prevent bike theft, is to pick a lock with a tough solution. In this way, the thief has a harder time separating the lock from the bicycle. 

    Comparison with the PentaLock bike lock

    Compared to PentaLock, the biggest difference between other types of bike locks and the PentaLock bike lock is that the PentaLock is integrated into the bike in the manufacturing process. A traditional bike lock can be bought by a bike owner, where PentaLock has to be integrated into the bike from the manufacturer. 

    Although PentaLock can be broken, it will certainly not be a good idea to do, as it will ruin the whole bike to do it. This separates the Pentalock bike lock from other types of bike locks. If a bike thief destroys them, only the bike lock will be damaged and not the whole bike.

    This element gives PentaLock a high level of security and makes it a theft-proof bike lock – because who wants to steal a bike that cannot be used afterwards?

    What is the safest way to lock a bike?

    As already mentioned, no single lock is unbreakable. 

    How to best lock your bike is to use two different kinds of locks, which deters the bike thief, who is only looking for an “easy steal”. Using a high-quality bike lock adds another important layer of protection that will prevent bike theft.

    Moreover, as a relatively new element within the field of bike locks, it is possible to get a bike lock with a bike alarm system. The alarm surprises the thief and arouses great attention to the public, when someone tries to steal the bike. The alarm will therefore help to decrease the chances of  bike theft. 

    Linked to this, it is also a good idea to lock your bike in a busy place to challenge the bike thief of other people.  We guarantee that the last thing a bike thief wants is to attract attention to themselves.

    When choosing a bike lock for your e-bike, you should choose the best kind of lock on the market. 

    E-bikes are typically more expensive than regular bikes, which also makes them more of a target in the eyes of the thief. Therefore, you should choose the best type of lock for your e-bike on the market.