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    Thousands of bicycles are stolen every year

    As a result of the massive number of bicycles stolen repeatedly, having a secure bike lock is important. There are many various brands of bicycle locks on the market, making it difficult to find the perfect one. Especially if you know very little about the market and the various brands and types of locks available. It does not really matter what kind of bicycle you own, old or brand new, you should still do your best to ensure that it is you alone who rides it.

    Thousands of bicycles are repeatedly stolen on a regular basis. Police can do very little about thefts because it happens so repeatedly, and the bikes never really show up again. The best way to keep yourself out of the poor statistics is to purchase a secure lock for your bicycle.

    Different types of bicycle locks 

    There are three main different types of bike locks: D-lock, Cable Lock, and Chain. The D-Lock is a metal contraption, shaped like a D – hence the name. This one is one of the more secure ones because of the material but it only prevents the bike from moving its wheels, a strong thief will still be able to lift it. The same can be said about the Cable Lock, which is a more flexible version of the D-Lock. Depending on its size it is possible for you to secure the bike to the rail. However, this is much easier and much more secure with a chain lock that fastens your bike to a rail.

    There are also two more well-known locks Folding Lock and Ground Anchor. One that can be folded and the other can be fastened to a wall.  It is the possible combination of either to secure your bike to a solid foundation that helps you keep your bike away from thieves. The best bike lock is the one that fastens your bike to anything ground solid.

    These are the three most well-known bike locks, each with its unique set of benefits and costs. They all come with a combination code or a key. Preferences for code and key may vary, and both have their benefits and downsides. A key may be missing, but not forgotten as a code combination can be.

    How is the Pentalock lock different? 

    Pentalock is different from other well-known bike locks in the fact that it is integrated with the bike. This makes it more secure and high-quality, as it cannot be cut and has an alarm system. As an integrated lock you never have to worry about forgetting to bring a lock to secure your bike. And the inbuilt alarm system will always make sure that no one attempts to steal your bike.