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    A regular bicycle with an engine?

    E-bikes are basically the same as a regular bicycle because the engine only pulls when you step on the pedals yourself. Therefore, you should also not comply with any rules other than those that apply to traditional bicycles. 

    However, the big difference is that you can usually move faster without getting a sweat on your forehead with an e-bike than on a regular bike. The downside is, that you usually also have to pay more for your e-bike than for a regular bike. 

    The disadvantages of e-bikes

    The big disadvantage with electric bikes is that you will not achieve the same kind of health benefits while riding them. In other words, this means that you do less physical work while cycling on an e-bike than on a regular bike. You may arrive faster, but no matter what, the effect of the daily bike ride is reduced. 

    Moreover, you will also experience more maintenance, both the bike and the battery. You also have to be aware that the battery needs to be charged and the weight is typically higher. 

    Finally, you will see that the price is much higher on e-bikes, which is a subject we will get back to later in this article.

    The advantages of e-bikes

    The biggest and probably most talked about advantage of an electric bike is the higher speed you achieve riding it – also in headwinds and when you get uphill. 

    In addition, electric bikes are a healthy and cheaper alternative to the car, which also benefits the environment greatly. Studies also show that as a cyclist you feel like cycling more often and on longer trips.

    What makes e-bikes expensive?

    As e-bikes have become more popular, prices will also follow. However, the higher price is also due to the fact that the electric bike includes a battery, motor, and the associated elements, such as a battery charger and a theft-proof lock. The bike also needs to be waterproof. So all in all, the things that make an e-bike provide benefits over a traditional bike.

    It is only you who knows if it is worth the money. But if you can nod in recognition that you want a means of transport where you get faster and smoother than on a traditional bike, but at the same time want a workout – e-bikes could be the right choice!