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    How do Cargo Bikes Work?

    In general, there are two main types of cargo bikes, which include a two-wheeler and a “tricycle”. Despite the fact, that the two-wheeler is both lighter and easier to control, tricycles have the advantage of having extra stability when cycling.  

    A cargo bike differs from a regular bike, as cargo bikes are specifically designed to carry a load. Cargo bikes can be different in appearance, and sometimes there can only be simple changes compared to a normal bike, such as a heavier-duty front rack implemented. 

    However, it is popular to implement “built-in” accessories, such as an electric motor to support the cyclist’s needs. This could be beneficial if the cyclist has to transport heavy loads or children. 

    According to the above, it is possible to transport a huge load with a cargo bike. However, this depends on the type of cargo bike and the size of the load or children. To state an example, it can be possible to transport up to four children and still have room for other cyclists in traffic. 

    The History of Cargo Bikes

    Originally, cargo bikes started as a business tool, as the typical cargo bike was used to transport and deliver in the 20th century, which became replaced by new delivery vehicles, such as pick-up trucks. 

    Today, time and priorities are different, and people have changed the way they live, which influences their choice of transport. Because several of the people, who move to the city, deselect the car, there is a need for an alternative: the bicycle. 

    However, it can be difficult to transport much more than one person on a regular bike. The need to be able to transport goods and children by bike has an impact on cargo bikes’ popularity. Currently, there are three types of cargo bikes: commercial, private and sharing. All three forms of cargo bike use are on the rise and have a considerable potential to reduce motorized traffic. 

    Why are Cargo Bikes Expensive?

    In general, there is a tendency for the price of bicycles to rise, partly due to greater demand. It is also due to the expectations for quality, and that quality costs. However, cargo bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes, primarily since it requires more parts and materials, as it is a larger bike with more options to add. 

    However, it is important to remember, that compared to cars, bicycles save us money, and gradually, more importantly, it saves time, stress and gives all things equal, more well-being by improving our human health. Thus, a cargo bike is an overall good deal.

    What Makes a Good Cargo Bike?

    In the bike industry, it can be difficult to make the right choice, as there are so many options. Moreover, there are several things to take into account and it is primarily about the purpose and budget of the individual, as a cargo bike is a major investment.  

    A cargo bike can be considered as good if it is easy to ride and has the space needed for individual needs, such as transporting children. 

    Best lock for a Cargo Bike

    Furthermore, to avoid sweating and at the same time get faster, it is possible to choose an electric cargo bike, where it is possible to ride up to 20 miles per hour. This can be considered as the perfect choice for people that live far from work and has a busy schedule.

    As the electric kind is more expensive, due to technological improvements, it is necessary to find a strong locking solution for bikes, when you have an electric cargo bike. 

    When you choose a high-security bike lock for your bike you lower the risk of the bike being stolen. 

    To sum up, Cargo Bikes do not only help strengthen the environment and human health. It also gives the chance to get back and forth as fast as with a car, if you live in the city, all things equal.