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    High Security

    Nothing gets through, and with all the special features of the bike lock, you can feel good about the safety of your bike.

    Easy to Use

    It only takes a moment to learn how to use all the features of the bike lock, and then you are ready for a ride of your life.

    Added Value

    With Pentalock’s smart bicycle lock integrated, you can add new value for your customers.

    Fits All Bikes

    No matter what bike manufacturer you are, this locking system will fit your bikes – no matter type or design.

    Integrated Bike Lock

    PentaLock introduces the best theft proof bike lock. The OEM bike lock is made for bike manufacturers, that can easily integrate the smart bike lock into their existing brand. PentaLock is equipped with unique features, such as its bike lock alarm, which prevents the bike from being stolen.

    The integrated bike lock is easy and cheap to mount in the existing design of the bike, and in the production and assembly line.

    Integrating PentaLock ensures a cut proof bike lock, that helps OEM manufactures create long-term value for bike owners on all dimensions.

    By providing an unbreakable bike lock with explicit design, together with features, ensures full security for bike owners.


    Preventing Theft

    PentaLock is an unbreakable bike lock that is integrated with the bicycle frame of an e-bike or other type of bike. As the bicycle lock is mounted to the bike in the manufacturing process, it becomes impossible to remove again once it is installed – with PentaLock, you are secured in every possible way.

    With a normal bike lock, the mechanism will attempt to prevent the bike from being stolen – but with the right tools, it can take no more than 30 seconds. This is the case for even the best of bike chains. Therefore, we collaborated with a former professional bike thief to get points on how best to prevent bike thefts.

    We developed a bike lock and bike alarm system that differentiates from other types of bike locks with alarms on the market – making Pentalock both special and indispensable.


    Most Unbreakable Lock for Bikes

    We teamed up with a former professional bike thief to make the best bicycle smart lock ever – one that is theft-proof. We found that if you have to stop the thief, then he should not be able to use the bike after stealing it – thus making the bike unstealable. 

    And who wants to steal a bike that they cannot use or sell?

    We made an uncuttable lock for bikes that prevents thieves from using the bike after stealing it, thus, making the bike lock theft-proof. 

    “PentaLock is the obvious choice if you want to have the most secure bike lock”

    – Former professional bike thief.


    High-security Bike Lock

    We have made a bike lock that cannot be cut. The integrated bike lock comes with an alarm system that will scare off any thief. The bike lock has a sound alarm integrated, which goes off if someone tries to steal the bike. 

    Bluetooth Bicycle Lock – An Easy Way to Secureness

    No more hassle locking the bike. Pentalock’s keyless bike lock is easy to use. It comes with a wireless key that is used to open and lock the bike. 

    The keyfob uses Bluetooth to register the bike owner’s location, and will use this information to automatically lock the bike, when the owner is not nearby. This prevents the bike from being stolen.