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    High Security

    Nothing gets through, and with all of the security features of the bike lock, you can rest assured that your bike is secure.

    Easy to Use

    It only takes a few seconds to learn everything there is to know about what makes our bike lock special, and then you’ll be ready for the ride of your life.

    Added Value

    You can provide new value to your customers by incorporating PentaLock’s smart bicycle lock solution.

    Fits All Bikes

    The PentaLock locking system fits all types and designs of bikes, regardless of manufacturer.

    Integrated bike lock

    The PentaLock smart bike lock solution is the best anti-theft system on the market. Oriented toward OEMs, the lock is designed for bike manufacturers who want to easily integrate a smart bike lock into their existing bikes and brand. PentaLock features several security-oriented functions, such as an anti-theft alarm that deters thieves and prevents the bike from being stolen.

    The integrated bike lock is simple and inexpensive to install in the existing design of the bike, as well as in the production and assembly line.

    Integrating PentaLock ensures a cut-resistant bike lock, assisting OEM manufacturers in creating long-term value for bike owners across all dimensions.

    By providing an unbreakable bike lock with a clear design and security features, bike owners are assured of complete security.


    Preventing theft

    PentaLock is an unbreakable bike lock that is integrated into the frame of an e-bike or any other type of bike. Because the bicycle lock is mounted to the bike during the manufacturing process, it is impossible to remove once it is installed. With PentaLock, you are secured in every possible way.

    A standard bike lock’s mechanism will attempt to keep the bike from being stolen, but with the right tools, it can be done in less than 30 seconds. This is true even for the best bike chains. As a result, we collaborated with a former professional bike thief to gain insight into how to best prevent bike thefts.

    We created a bike lock and alarm system that distinguishes PentaLock from other types of bike locks with alarms on the market, making it both unique and indispensable.


    The strongest bike lock

    We collaborated with a former professional bike thief to create the best theft-proof bicycle smart lock ever. We discovered that if you have to stop a thief, the bike should be made unusable after stealing it, effectively rendering it unstealable.

    And who wants to steal a bike they won’t be able to use or sell?

    We created an uncuttable bike lock that prevents thieves from using the stolen bike, making the bike lock theft-proof. 

    “PentaLock is the obvious choice if you want to have the most secure bike lock”

    – Former professional bike thief.


    High-security bike lock

    We created a bike lock that can’t be cut and if tampered with, includes an alarm system that will deter any thief. The bike lock includes a sound alarm that triggers if an attempted theft is detected. 

    Wireless bike lock – Simple security

    The keyless bike lock from PentaLock is simple to use and removes the hassle of locking a bike. It includes a wireless key for opening and locking the bike.

    When the owner is not nearby, the key fob registers this information and use it to automatically lock the bike. A bike with PentaLock is always safe – even if you forget to lock it.