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    About PentaLock

    PentaLock was created in 2016 by two engineers and started as a vision to stop bike theft altogether.

    As part of the ideation process, all relevant actors were brought on board: bike
    manufacturers, the police, insurance companies, and even a former professional bike thief.

    Since then, the company has grown to new heights and the focus has been on innovation,
    convenience, and a high level of security.  Thousands of hours have gone into creating the solution
    to the problem, over a period of four years of development. The company has now grown
    from two people with a dream to a finished product and a team of ambitious employees. 

    Sales team

    Marketing & Business Development

    Research & Development team

    A revolution for new bike security.

    PentaLock is the next generation of bike security.

    The system is a fully integrated locking solution made for bike manufacturers that can easily be integrated into your existing brand.

    The purpose of PentaLock is to make it easy and convenient to secure and lock a bike, without the hassle of big chains and locks. PentaLock is equipped with unique features and gives the bike an explicit design.

    The aim is to create a long-term value for bike owners on all dimensions.