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The journey.

The idea for PentaLock started when team members got their bikes stolen way to often.

The stolen bikes convinced them that there was a huge everyday problem that needed to be solved, as conventional bike locks can be removed with the right tool in just seconds. No one cares if your bike is stolen, not the police nor insurance companies.

The concept was inspired by how the car industry solved car theft in the 90s, an immobilizer. Making an integrated immobilizer for bikes which would remove the incentive for thieves to steal the bike in the first place. This would be achieved by combining the lock with a vital part of the bike, meaning that if it was cut or broken the bike would be useless and thus unsellable – so why steal it in the first place?

Designed by Engineers, Tested by Thieves
Following the motto, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. To truly understanding how the enemy operated and thought meant teaming up with a former professional bike thief. This gave us a unique insight into the mindset of thieves and how to best stop them.

Multiple designs and prototypes were tested with the thief during the design process, to make sure the lock was impossible to break, replace or hack.

User centric design is important for us because who wants to use the most secure lock if it meant carrying 20 kgs of lock everywhere? No one. Therefore the PentaLock system was designed to be easy and convenient to use and make it feel not like a lock, but a natural part of the bike.

About us

PentaLock now
Officially launching at Eurobike in 2021, PentaLock received lots of attention and positive feedback from the industry, today having multiple large European OEM customers.

Our team has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, and at Eurobike 2023 we launched our newest product series, PL3. Further building on the previous PL2 version, as customer requests were to add a digital torque and adaptive drive functionality.

Our skilled engineering team is located at our headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark. We have sales hubs in Germany, The Netherlands and Poland to support customer needs. Besides this PentaLock has its own production and manufacturing facility in Asia, focusing on high quality and meeting all industry standards to perfection.

Join the fight against thieves
In Europe alone, between 3 and 4 million bikes get stolen every year, which equates to about one bike stolen every 10 seconds! Therefore its with good reason that theft is the number one concern for people looking to buy a new expensive e-bike.

Insurance companies are realizing that e-bike theft is so easy that their payouts has increased 105% in a period of just 5 years. Change is coming! And not in a way that favours the bike owners, higher premiums, and increasing risk of getting their bike stolen.

Say F*** the thieves! and give your customers the solution to their problems, add PentaLock.

About us