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    How to travel with a bike

    Research has shown a rise in the popularity of cycling holidays. That means, more people are exploring the world on a bike, which has a lot of advantages. 

    However, traveling around on a bicycle can be a lot of hard work. The solution to this could be e-bikes. This article will give insights into some of the information that is worth knowing before traveling with bikes – especially e-bikes.


    Cost of an e-bike

    While there is no doubt that an electric bike is a good choice when it comes to transportation, the decision to buy an electric bike can often be a lengthy consideration due to the price. 

    The purpose of this article is to put focus on what makes an electric bike expensive, and some of the benefits of buying one anyway.


    Would you rather ride an electric bike or a regular bike?

    More and more people chose to ride the electric bike rather than the traditional bike,  which is very understandable when considering the many benefits that come with this type of transportation. 

    If you are considering buying an electric bike, but are still not quite sure of the advantages between this type of bike and a regular bike is, this article is for you.


    How do e-bikes work?


    Getting Approval from Insurance Companies

    To scale our vision and product, we need to acquire insurance approvals in Europe, meaning DVN in Denmark, SSF in Sweden, and ART in the Netherlands. All three approvals are quite similar in their approach, requirements, and tests.

    But there is one big issue: all of them require a lock that blocks the wheel. The question is: is this more secure than Pentalock’s locking solution?


    Why Are We Still Using Outdated Bike Locks?

    The problem with the traditional type of bike lock is that they can easily be cut open by thieves, making the bikes easy to steal. These types of bike locks can also be purchased at a low cost and they are easy to mount on your bike. The stolen bike can then, with a few simple steps, be made ready for a new owner.

    We already know that six bicycles are stolen every minute in Europe, so why not make the locks much more secure?


    How to make your bike theft proof

    Choosing the right bike lock can be difficult, especially with the amount of different bike locks available. With bicycle theft on the rise, there has never been a better time to use an alarmed bike lock. 

    Thus, the aim of this article is to inform you about how to make your bike-proof and the advantages of choosing a bike lock with an alarm system.


    The problem with bike theft

    Did you know that six bicycles are stolen every minute in Europe? Data shows that theft is a common problem according to medium and high value bikes, which contributes to a theft trend.
    A solution to bike theft is, therefore, highly needed.


    The advantages of choosing e-bikes over cars

    Ever wonder what speaks for choosing e-bikes over cars? This article will provide you with several information about the advantages of choosing e-bikes over cars.
    The list is long – but stay tuned, we promise you will get all the knowledge you need to replace your car with an e-bike!