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Laka & PentaLock – Better Together

Laka, the award-winning micromobility insurtech that offers a unique collective insurance model in the UK, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany, is pleased to announce a partnership with PentaLock, the innovative bicycle lock manufacturer from Denmark.


Leading e-bike cities

Many cities have seen a rise in bike culture throughout the last two years. Bikes by themselves are fast, comfortable and convenient. The extent to which these different cities embrace cycling culture and the rise of e-bikes in their city planning varies quite a bit.


E-bike 101 for New Owners

If you are a first time e-bike owner, you might wonder how you can approach using it to its full extent. No worries because we are here to provide some basic tips and guides for becoming more in sync with your e-bike.



The Rise of E-bikes During COVID

At the moment, cities around the world are evaluating what role public transportation systems play in the era of COVID-19. After many people discovered the benefits of working from home and fewer days at the office, it has also had its effect on the way people get to and from work.

Many cities have seen a rise in bike culture over the past two years. Bikes are a fast, comfortable and convenient mode of transportation available for practically anybody. It is also only dependent on your own timetable with very little to no waiting time.


How many types of bike locks are there? 

Bicycles are one of the most popular forms of transport. With so many great possibilities in bikes, one of the most important features to look for when purchasing a new bicycle is a high-quality lock to ensure it remains your bike.  

In this article we provide you with an overview of the different types of bike locks. 



Are there any bikes lock that cannot be cut?  

Bicycle technology is enormous, and the demand for high-tech bicycles is increasing, and this necessitating the need for a bicycle lock.  

Over time, bicycles have grown in popularity and have progressively become public property. Especially in big cities, where it is easier to get around with a bicycle than driving a car. Aside from that, demand for electric bikes is increasing, and more people are preferring for bikes. 


What is the history of the bicycle?

Bicycles have become a bigger part of our lives, and they have gradually become the main means of transport.

This article describe the development within bicycles and at the same time elaborate on individual parts of the bicycle, not least with a focus on the bicycle lock.


What are cargo bikes used for?

The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic have led to the need for a means of transport, which is beneficial both to human health and to the environment. 

Using a cargo bike to transport goods or children fulfills both functions. 

Cargo bikes are also a strong alternative to the car as a means of transport. However, while cars usually load less than half of their own weight, a cargo bike can carry at least three times its own weight.


Are bike locks with alarm systems worth It?

It is no secret that bicycle theft has become a more common part of our daily lives. It creates uncertainty, cost, and time for the bike owner. Bicycle theft affects both the bicycle, but also quite often bicycle accessories, which destroy the entire bicycle’s expression and functionality.

To ensure the most effective theft protection for the bike, it has now become possible to add an alarm system to the bicycle lock. A Bike with an alarm system will deter even the most stubborn thief and is the ideal way to secure your bike – and boost your own peace of mind.

But are bike locks with sound alarms even worth it?


Are e-bikes the future?

As time has passed, innovative technologies, new solutions, and decisive improvements in existing products have helped to create the evolutionary step into e-bikes. A step, which one could argue has made everyday life a whole lot easier for more and more people. 

Within the next years, we predict, e-bikes will play an increasingly important role in the transport industry, which is why this article will try to summarize some of the main lines of this development.


Guide to the battery of an e-bike: what should you look out for?

Even though an e-bike consist of several important components, one might argue, that the battery can be specified as the most important part and at the same time, the most expensive part of an e-bike

However, it is often an overlooked factor to many bike riders, when they make their e-bike purchase. This, even though the battery is one of the components that you must pay the most attention to when you choose your e-bike.


What is the best bike lock on the market?

As the owner of a bicycle, you can be completely fooled by which bicycle lock you should buy, both in terms of safety and price. 

Although we do believe that there is no doubt that the PentaLock bike lock is the only real bike lock of the future, we are sure that there are bike locks that are better than others. 

This article will focus on the various options in the current market, in terms of the best type of bike lock, for both normal bikes and e-bikes, as well as draw parallels to the PentaLock bike lock.


How to travel with a bike

Research has shown a rise in the popularity of cycling holidays. That means, more people are exploring the world on a bike, which has a lot of advantages. 

However, traveling around on a bicycle can be a lot of hard work. The solution to this could be e-bikes. This article will give insights into some of the information that is worth knowing before traveling with bikes – especially e-bikes.


How do e-bikes work?

There is no doubt that electric bikes are here to stay. But how does an e-bike actually work?

This article gives you insights into how electric bikes work; including how fast they can go, how to charge them, and the health benefits you gain from riding them.


Would you rather ride an electric bike or a regular bike?

More and more people chose to ride the electric bike rather than the traditional bike,  which is very understandable when considering the many benefits that come with this type of transportation. 

If you are considering buying an electric bike, but are still not quite sure of the advantages between this type of bike and a regular bike is, this article is for you.


Cost of e-bikes

While there is no doubt that an electric bike is a good choice when it comes to transportation, the decision to buy an electric bike can often be a lengthy consideration due to the price. 

The purpose of this article is to put focus on what makes an electric bike expensive, and some of the benefits of buying one anyway.


Getting approval from insurance companies

To scale our vision and product, we need to acquire insurance approvals in Europe, meaning DVN in Denmark, SSF in Sweden, and ART in the Netherlands. All three approvals are quite similar in their approach, requirements, and tests.

But there is one big issue: all of them require a lock that blocks the wheel. The question is: is this more secure than Pentalock’s locking solution?


Why are we still using outdated bike locks?

The problem with the traditional type of bike lock is that they can easily be cut open by thieves, making the bikes easy to steal. These types of bike locks can also be purchased at a low cost and they are easy to mount on your bike. The stolen bike can then, with a few simple steps, be made ready for a new owner.

We already know that six bicycles are stolen every minute in Europe, so why not make the locks much more secure?



Cw to make your bike theft proofhoosing the right bike lock can be difficult, especially with the amount of different bike locks available. With bicycle theft on the rise, there has never been a better time to use an alarmed bike lock. 

Thus, the aim of this article is to inform you about how to make your bike-proof and the advantages of choosing a bike lock with an alarm system.


The problem with bike theft

Did you know that six bicycles are stolen every minute in Europe? Data shows that theft is a common problem according to medium and high value bikes, which contributes to a theft trend.
A solution to bike theft is, therefore, highly needed.


The advantages of choosing e-bikes over cars

Ever wonder what speaks for choosing e-bikes over cars? This article will provide you with several information about the advantages of choosing e-bikes over cars.
The list is long – but stay tuned, we promise you will get all the knowledge you need to replace your car with an e-bike!