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High-tech bicycles are expensive  

We cannot get away from the fact that high-tech bicycles are expensive, and if you live in a big city, the risk of your bicycle being stolen is significantly greater than if you live in a more rural area.

Thus the need for non-breakable bicycle locks increases daily. It cannot be stressed enough that a lock for your bike is crucial in urban areas. The amount of bikes on display on a daily basis will be too tempting for certain people, and you can only protect your own bike to a certain degree. As bikes are becoming more and more high-tech they also become more and more valuable for thieves. Do yourself a favor and find a lock for your bike the minute you bring your bike home.

A lock that cannot be cut 

Most people believe that if a thief truly wants to steal a bike, he or she must first acquire the right tools and then any bike lock is breakable. Years ago that may have been true, and still is with some bike locks.  

But with an integrated bike lock, this is not possible. An integrated bike lock increases the safety of your bike because it is secured along with your bike. In comparison to other locks that can be broken to obtain your bike, it would also break your bike to break the integrated lock. It is the best way to secure your bike in many ways.

Pentalock is the future  

PentaLock makes the greatest theft-proof bike locks that are integrated with the bike, which in turn ensures a cut-resistant bike lock. Which in turn also guarantees you to hold on to your bike for many years to come.

The bike is protected from theft thanks to distinctive features such as a bike lock alarm. Not only is it not possible to break the lock away without causing damage to the bike, it will also alert you if anyone attempts to do so.