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The First Bicycle in the World Was Called Draisine

The first bicycle, called “Draisine” was invented in the first part of the 1800s with a practical intention. It became popular in Germany and France in particular.

Although the bicycle was invented in the first part of the 1800s, it was not until 1868 that one began to see a need for bicycles and started mass-producing them

The Introduction of The Safety Bicycle

In between the moment when the first bike was invented and when they started mass-producing them, different bike models came out. However, it was not until 1884 that “the safety bicycle” appeared, which is reminiscent of the one we use today.

This version had two same-size wheels with a similar frame.  This was popular in the bicycle industry and one of the women’s incentives to choose the bicycle.

The First Battery Powered Bicycle

In 1895 a battery-powered bicycle was produced, and it received a lot of attention. The bike was what one could concretize today as an e-bike which had 100 amps of power pumping out of its 10 volt battery keeping it running.

How About Now

Over the years, bicycles have become a bigger part of our lives. In particular, e-bikes have gained a great deal of popularity. However, both traditional bicycles, e-bikes and components have over time developed in quality and quantity.

This is illustrated by the fact that several places now are considered car-free in order to reduce pollution. Therefore, we see that bicycles are gaining ground around the world and it is only expected to continue. Therefore, a high security bike lock is necessary, which could be the PentaLock integrated bike lock.

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