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1. Security and safety

Just like you would not drive a car without a seatbelt, you should not be riding your e-bike without a helmet. E-bikes can legally drive up to 25 kmph here in Denmark, which is fast enough for all types of injuries to occur. 

Instead of regretting not making the safe choice, be proactive and wear your helmet whenever you are riding your bike! And do not worry, if you are not used to it, it will quickly become a habit and part of your routine. Safety always comes first when it is in regards to traffic and transportation. It is the smallest of actions that can change your life. Better to be safe than sorry.

2. A balancing act

The first thing you might notice about an e-bike is how incredibly heavy it can be compared to traditional bicycles. 

We would recommend spending some time practicing getting on and off your e-bike so you become more comfortable and used to balancing yourself with your surprisingly heavy e-bike.

3. PAS & Throttle

When you are equipped for safety and ready to ride, how does your e-bike actually work? Well, your e-bike’s pedal assist is what senses your pedaling efforts and provides assistance through the battery. 

Depending on the type, you might have multiple levels of pedal assist and it is important that you experiment with this feature, starting on the lowest level and slowly working your way up until you become more comfortable.

4. Lower center of gravity

As mentioned, e-bikes can be surprisingly heavy. Due to this, e-bikes also have a much lower center of gravity than traditional bikes and one tricky maneuver that you will have to practice is your turns. 

We recommend that as you approach a turn, you stop pedaling and simply steer your bike as you normally would and turn. This should help you become more and more comfortable with the dynamics of your new e-bike.

5. Your bike is an investment

Your bike is an investment and it is one that should be protected. You could consider adding anti-theft accessories and bike locks to keep any sticky fingers at bay.

However, for the best possible e-bike security, PentaLock-integrated e-bikes provide the best of the best.