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Theft inventions for expensive bicycles

Data shows that more expensive bicycles, such as e-bikes, have had an increase in popularity. The reason for this is probably because the advantages of e-bikes over cars are extensive.  

Together with this, there has been an increase in theft of e-bikes, which is why a secure solution to protect bicycles, especially e-bikes, is in demand.

Security options for bicycles

In the past years, the assortment of bike locks have increased. Cyclists today have a large amount of options when it comes to locking their bicycles. The options include chain locks, cable locks, wire locks, integrated bike lock and so on. 

Until now it has only been our cars, homes, andphones that have been secured by alarm systems, passcodes and tracking systems. However, when it comes to our bicycles, the only options have been to secure them with locks that in the end are easy for bike thieves to break. 

Bike locks with alarms have increased in popularity

Recent trends showthat bike locks with alarms have grown in popularity among cyclists, who want the best protection for their bicycles. 

The bicycle alarm system gives you an added peace of mind. Other than the lock on the bike, the alarm adds extra security, because the deafening sound of the alarm will scare off any thieves if they try to steal the bike.. 

The alarm will attract unwanted attention and will thus increase the chances of the thief getting caught – if they decide to stick around anyway.

Bike locks with wireless and app locking systems

With the development towards an alarm system integrated in bikes, wireless and app systems have been developed as well. Wireless and app systems have been integrated with the bike lock as a way to lock and unlock your bike. 

This solution provides you with keyless control of your bike lock security. However, it depends on the functionality of the wireless bike lock, since the app can offer different appropriate control options.

Unbreakable lock to increase your bike security

For now, there has not been a lock that is uncuttable, even if the alarm is integrated. 

This would Pentalock like to change.PentaLock is an unbreakable lock, which includes the best bike alarm system and several other bike lock features

Read more about the high security bike lock, where you also will be introduced to a  guy, who once was an expert in cutting bike locks.