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E-bike theft

E-bike sales are increasing and expectations show that an increase in e-bike sales is expected to expand from 3.7 million bikes sold in 2019 to 17 million in 2030. Many will therefore replace their car to an e-bike instead.

While this is great news, there is an explosion in  theft of high-value bikes, including e-bikes. Data from 2020 shows that instances of bike theft from peoples’ homes doubled last year. Moreover, an increase of theft is expected  in the years to come. This, since there has been an increase in bikes bought during lockdown last year.

Further, the data shows that incidents generally increase throughout the summer, as people use their bikes more and then a decrease as people put their bikes away for winter.

The risk of bike theft

In the Netherlands, where cycling is a common mode of transportation, there has been a huge increase in e-bike theft. According to travelers’ association and bike insurer ANWB, the number of electric bikes stolen in the Netherlands increased explosively during the last year. This happens together with fourteen percent of total bike sales.

Based on this, more e-bikes are now often left unattended. The high price tag makes them especially interesting for bike thieves, and therefore they are at higher risk of being stolen.

How to prevent bike theft

And now to the main question: how to protect your e-bike from being stolen in the best way?

Ideally e-bikes should be securely locked and stored somewhere they cannot be easily seen and taken by opportunist thieves. Yet, if the bike is in use, it can not be avoided being left in a public space once in a while. A place where it will be available for thieves.

Using a high quality bike lock to securely attach the e-bike adds another formidable layer of protection that will prevent bike theft. Additionally, a loud bike alarm system can act as an effective deterrent.

The solution to all bike theft-related problems

With PentaLock you get an integrated bike lock that comes with a deterrent alarm. The lock is placed in the bottom bracket and controlled by a wireless key. If you leave your bike for more than 30 seconds, it will lock automatically. When you get back, it will open, just with a push of the bottom of the wireless key.

As a sum up 

To conclude, there could be a potential huge increase in bike theft, and even a stop in the e-bike trend if we do not do anything about the problem right now. This will cost insurance companies millions, and increase the number of angry bike owners, and will eventually result in people moving away from e-bikes as the new green and sustainable means of transportation. 

What can we do about that? – PentaLock is the answer!