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How Common is Bike Theft?

Unfortunately, bike theft is quite common and especially e-bikes have had an increase in theft over the past years. There has also been an increase in the sale of e-bikes over the past year, which unfortunately can mean that the number of e-bike thefts will be at risk of increasing even further. 

Although bicycle theft statistics are high, the numbers might be even higher than what is reported. Many cyclists may deter from filing a report to the police because this will do little to recover the stolen bike. 

The most common reason for bike theft is that the risk is well worth it ‚Äď unfortunately. It often only requires the right tools to cut, even the strongest bike lock, such as chain locks, cable locks, etc.¬†

Is The Solution a Bicycle with Alarm Lock?

To protect bikes in the best way possible, an alarm system for bicycles could be a great solution. A bike lock, complemented with a bike alarm is an effective way of stopping bike theft, as the alarm sound will warn the surrounding area when a bike thief tries to steal the bike.

A bike lock with an alarm provides great safety and peace of mind since it attracts unwanted attention. Therefore, the sound of the alarm will most often scare off any thieves if they try to steal the bike making the bike theft-proof.  

Do Bike Alarms Prevent Theft?

As mentioned, a bike alarm will above all create peace of mind for the bike owner, when leaving the bike unattended. The loud alarm will then act as an effective deterrent. Bike locks with alarms give thieves a deafening surprise when they decide to take your bicycle. 

A bicycle thief will not necessarily detect the alarm if you simply use a normal bicycle lock. The sound will give them bad chances of running away with the e-bike and hopefully help scare them into doing it again by others.

How Do You Use a Bike Alarm?

Having an alarm system for your bicycle is a supplement to a normal bike lock and most commonly, easy to use. 

The anti-theft alarm for bikes depends on the bike lock. The PentaLock alarm system for bicycles is controlled by a wireless key fob. Therefore, the only way to get the alarm deactivated is by holding your personal key.

Other bike alarms can be controlled by a code, app, or fingerprint.

As you can read, there are a number of advantages to choosing a bike lock with an alarm, which is why we have chosen to make the alarm an integrated part of our PentaLock bike lock.